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Create Heaven’s Abundance in Your Daily Life NOW! Learn, Manifest, Evolve with the 12 Archangels!

 I AM Deborah!

Meet Deborah: Co-founder, Designer, Tech Wizard, and Marketing Director for the School of Spiritual Evolution (SSE)

Deborah Langford is a clear intuitive who also happens to create businesses, both “on the ground” and online. She has owned several highly successful and diverse companies, along with setting up some life-saving charities. After a traumatic life event which required incredible faith and courage, Deborah began her profound spiritual journey which ultimately led her to an interview on Gaia’s Open Minds with Belinda Womack and Regina Meredith.

She recognized this “Angel lady” from a place within that was both ancient and new and her intuition told her to enroll in the GP (Accelerated Discovery/ Ascension Teachings Year 1). Deborah has added WEBINAR # 11 to the Accelerated Discovery Program so the student has now become a teacher! Her course is to support all Golden Passport Advanced Training students with creating a spiritual/Heart based business. Deborah will also be attending the monthly mentoring groups for the advanced training to offer her insight and encouragement as students awaken to their Soul’s calling and move forward into putting this calling into action.

Deborah: Nurturing the Spiritual Essence in the SSE

Why DEBORAH was drafted to build a school for the 12 Archangels of the Central Sun!

Deborah's journey is a radiant testament to transformation, wisdom, and divine alignment. Starting her first business at the tender age of 20, she quickly discovered the magnetic pull of success. Money flowed effortlessly, but so did the lessons. Her early years were marked by a lack of boundaries and respect around money, reflecting an inner child seeking love and attention.

But within Deborah lay a wise old healer waiting to awaken.

Through years in ministry and a profound relationship with Lord Yeshua / Jesus, Deborah's path began to unfold. Many businesses came and went, each a golden opportunity yet a lesson in character and self-discovery. The pattern of making and losing—or often giving away—money was not a failure but a building block, shaping the skills that would later empower others.

The turning point came when Deborah recognised that businesses built not on ego but on the understanding that her divine power was the key to true success. Guided to assist others in healing and building foundations that allow the flow of Divine Resources, she embarked on a journey of self-love and spiritual mastery.

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"Innerstanding I AM Deborah and the Power I AM, allowed me to

Spread My Spiritual Wings and Fly"


 Here is what Belinda Womack needs you to know about Deborah Langford! 

I am infinitely grateful for her expertise in building the School of Spiritual Evolution so that the teachings of the 12 Archangels are accessible to their students. Miracle worker, relentless, stubborn, and extremely generous is the best way for me to describe Deborah Langford!

Belinda J Womack,

Spiritual Messenger

Author of Angel Abundance, Revelations on True Wealth from the 12 Archangels and Lessons from the 12 Archangels, Divine Intervention in Daily Life.

Similar to finding a Spiritual Mentor/Teacher when we are looking to enhance our spirituality, if you want to find new ways to build your business as a healer, mystic or an energy worker, you need a Business Mentor/Teacher that is led by Divine Power. One that innerstands the magic that comes from within, the power of illumination and creation that is vital when building any business. 

Step into a journey with Deborah and align your business with your Soul’s calling. You can be sure the 12 Archangels will be happy to assist with the surrender required..

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