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The School of Spiritual Evolution 

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What is missing that would make your life on Schoolroom Earth feel as if you are living in the beautiful expansiveness and joy of Heaven?

The 12 Archangels and Belinda have been helping human beings answer this question for over 30 years. YES, you can transform your suffering into lasting freedom, happiness, and abundance. Using the simple and profound tools of the Angels facilitates rapid change. Are you ready to surrender to the vast love and support of your Soul? Are YOU, human being, willing to ascend out of feeling that you are not enough? The Angels and Belinda are excited to guide you forward into a new life where you feel feel safe, secure, loved, and VALUED.

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Download 3 Meditations from the 12 Archangels that will change your life!

Experience true abundance with the teachings of the 12 Archangels

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Would emotional healing, mental uplifting, and all-encompassing life support give you what you need to want to live and flourish?

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Do you already feel comfortable using your intuition in daily life and feel ready for the accelerated creation of more abundance?

And do you have a passion for helping humanity break free of the lies that hold all in not enough?

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Are you a healer, spiritual illuminator, or consciousness shifter/world server who feels ready for the super accelerated inner discovery and transformation that happens with the 12 Archangels’ advanced training?

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Have you mastered the HVM bundle, completed the GP and/or finished or enrolled in BEYOND and still want MORE by attending a live immersion retreat with Belinda, Deborah and many Helpers in Heaven.

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Don't Take My Word For It...

Christiane Northrup, Author 'Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom'

"My healing session with Belinda was EXTRAORDINARY. I have had many readings over my lifetime. This one was life changing, life affirming, and UTTERLY TRANSFORMATIONAL. I feel truly blessed to have had this kind of spiritual insight and help. I highly recommend Belinda's Work."

Christiane Northrup, MD

New York Times Bestselling Author, “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom.” & www.DrNorthrup.com

Regina Meredith, Host of 'Open Minds' on Gaia TV & www.ReginaMeredith.com

"The Wonder of Belinda's channeling with the 12 Archangels is that they do not shy away from sharing the challenges of being Human. While their words and their information is not sugar coated, it IS bathed in the sweetness of love and acceptance for the beauty and the fragility that lies within each one of us. The same is true of Belinda herself. Her generosity, care and love for humankind transcends this earthly realm. I consider Belinda and her angels as a gift to the world that I will always treasure."

Regina Meredith,

Host of 'Open Minds' on Gaia TV & www.ReginaMeredith.com

Words From Happy Students

"For the first time in my life I truly See and Am the Real Me. I Feel the undiluted love, I See the unbelievable ways our beautiful Great Universe works and I Know the important roles we all play in it.

I Am humbled and amazed! Thank you Belinda and Angels!"


Sonila Francova

"Belinda (and the 12 AAs) Superpower is great wisdom that is impressive and converts into practical tools that WORK!

The Angels have taught me that loving kindness, compassion, truth, and forgiveness are the base layers for living a life with less pain and fear, and MORE JOY.

I am now inspired to use my creative ideas to help the Angels move humanity and the World forward into a more peaceful and sustainable direction."


Ase Berge

"All of the teachings from Belinda and the 12 Archangels are incredibly uplifting, magical, and will elevate your perspective on everything you experience in life.

Working on your own spiritual evolution through these programs will change your life and change you in the most wonderful and surprising ways!"

Shane L Braverman

Shane L Braverman


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